Exhibition stand design and build


When looking into getting an exhibition stand to rent there are numerous aspects that may effect the entire price and value of what you end up with. We have assembled 10 quick tips to keep in mind the next time you start this activity which we are confident will save you money and get a greater quality display.

1 – Allow yourself plenty of time

The more time you allow a good exhibition stand builder, the better solutions and generally better rates you will receive for your stand. The larger the stand the longer you will need to conclude designs and costs but if you develop 3 – 6 months prior to the exhibit you should be fine.

2 – Develop a specific spending plan

This needs to be done well right before you start communicating with stand builders. Give your price range to the companies that will design or quote your exhibition booth and see what they are able to do for that preset price. Keep in mind to always check what is included in any quotes so you don’t get any unexpected situations.

3 – Develop a specific selection of specifications

Companies that have exhibition stands for hire will frequently try to convince you to use the pre-build stands they have already available instead than you have inquired a custom exhibition booth included in your brief. There is always another way of doing something, so if you are being told ‘that’s impossible’, just go to another supplier for another viewpoint.

4 – Always seek out stand plans first

Once you have a brief it is always worthwhile looking to see what hire packages are offered that may suit your requirements. You can keep 10% – 35% simply by discovering something that is already designed and sold as a deal. Packages should not have any design costs in them and will furthermore allow you to get a fixed price for the exhibition stand you hire.

5 – Receive Two Quotations

Regrettably like many market sectors, there could be a used car salesperson tactic from some companies to overcharge on some rental stands. Always get 2 quotations based on the same brief to examine expenses and design choices.

6 – Generate the most of your space

Don’t let having a limited floor space dictate the look and experience of your stand. Excellent design is all about functionality and this is much more crucial in a small space. There are many options between $5k – $10k which will give your small 9SQM space one of the best exhibition stands at the show.

7 – Theme with color, not graphics

If you’re on a limited price range you can save a large sum of money by styling the stand with coloring rather than graphics. Painted walls can be as much as 60% cheaper than graphic lined walls. Basic colour schemes with incorporated logos are also very popular in the designed spaces at present.

8 – Don’t neglect to promote

We frequently see when organizations opt to hire an exhibition stand they also reduce their level of advertising round their engagement at that specific event. Renting a stand is continue to a big expense so make sure you receive the most out of it possible by having customers realize where you will be.

9 – look at buying a few elements for the stand

If you find that you are frequently hiring exhibition stands (which is very common) you might also know that there are a number of items that you are hiring time and time again. It is worth exploring if it is worth while doing some purchases to utilize with your hired stand to cut down on some of the hire costs.

10 – It may in fact be less expensive to purchase the stand

According to how imaginative you are trying to get, it can sometimes be essentially a lot more affordable to purchase the stand to reuse. If components are being custom manufactured and then need to be recycled or destroyed post show, you might definitely find it is cheaper to take delivery of the stand after the exhibition to reuse once more.

Like anything to do with trade fairs and exhibitions, when looking for a stand to hire there are frequently more queries than answers. Always look for a supplier that you are comfy with and believe in to provide you honest guidance. This will give you the assurance to know you are deciding on the right solution with your future purchase.

Participation in an exhibition as being a definite integral part of company marketing activities. The possibility of participating in an exhibition usually creates widespread and psychological debate through the whole business hierarchy, in a similar way to advertising, sales leverage and publicity actions.

Exhibitions are significantly effective because of the many functions in relation to other instruments. Few other resources serves many unique functions and no place else can one interact so straight with a client to be able to induce new and fulfill existing details needs. Participants can display the features of their company and merchandise, such as their consistency, customer service and merchandise quality.

Conversely, by participating in a trade fair a business receives valuable opinions from discussions with customers and that information can be applied to develop and advance products, analyze the current market and plan for the long term. Participating in trade fairs lets a business to meet more prospective clientele and to exert a bigger impact on existing ones. By taking part in trade fairs businesses can quickly and directly perceive any changes in consumer structures and behavior.

Exhibition stand hire plans have good reductions. Continued exhibition stand hire, for multiple exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, include project management, unique custom solutions, exhibition marketing packages, build-up and execution of the exhibition booth on the fairground.

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