Exhibition stand design and build

The exhibition CPHI in Milan, Italy is a great opportunity to learn which direction your industry is going. During a slow period, leave your booth and walk around the floor on a finding mission looking for what your competitors are doing right, and what they are doing.

There is so much excitement about promoting products or services at events. That exposes both a challenge and an opportunity to advertisers. In marketing, moving with the trend is thought of as a good idea. Although, there is an tremendous battle for attention there. What you can do is complement and accentuate your presence goals by means of event marketing.
Traxor-designs can help you with modern exhibition stand styles and construction to generate a noteworthy exhibition stand for CPHI with an excellent exhibition final result.

Having pioneered the ‘development’ and setting up of personalized exhibition stands since years Traxor ‘s unique working experience incorporates a large know how exhibition presentation methods.

With high competent designers and workforce, Traxor has build for many worldwide acting companies and brands, exhibition stands at CPHI Milan. High quality exhibition booth manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry, helping multinational acting businesses and brands to leap out.

CPHI is even more than only a simple professional trade fair. CPHI is , a trade fair dedicated to high-tech pharmacy trends and research in that field, with intelligent solutions on machinery, all pharma related materials and substances which combine nanotechnology and ingredients.

Traxor helped exhibitors setting up stands providing all services from unique designed exhibition stands, marketing support, target marketing implementation and build up on the fairground.

The innovations brought about by technology have created a true revolution and new challenges for the pharma industry: technology enhancing production, while at the same time, serving the consumer.

The created exhibition stands have been intelligent positioned at targeting potential visitor’s attention from all directions. Exhibitors reported increased traffic just at the first day.

High visibility recognizable look to your brand and a leading image, create attention and the welcoming atmosphere inside the exhibition stand.
The preparation of an exhibition stand requires technique expertise and is hard work, a lot of planning.

Preparation has to take place on the run up to the event to ensure a successful outcome and visible results. We helped exhibitors preparing exhibition stands. providing all services from unique designed exhibition stands, marketing support and target implementation and build up on the fairground.

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