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Integrated exhibition services – Stand design and build in Germany

With reliable and efficient stand construction network, in order to supply you with an optimum cost/service overall performance in a wide range of exhibition build services for Germany all European geographic regions.

We deliver solutions for our exhibitors targeting the German fair marketplace from construction plans to real, completed exhibition projects. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our exhibitors have the good quality, affordable production they expect.

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Explore our detailed solutions following key points essential to plan your trade show expansion strategy for Germany.

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modern stand design in germany

Modern stand design & build in Germany

Get immediate supply for design and build your next exhibition presentation

  • We offer:
  • Target budgeting
  • Analyzing exhibition targets for German fairs
  • Design development
  • Virtual design and construction specification
  • Project management one point contact
  • Real time, information of project stage
  • Just-in-time build up and delivery

Challenges of Exhibiting in Germany – Design & Styles

Local business presentation culture and design styles can affect your company’s approach, exhibiting in Germany. We implement in our designs the key drivers of exhibition presentation methods, acknowledging your products and exhibition targets.
We have the local understanding to help you navigate with your trade fair in Germany.

Explore our detailed solutions following key points essential to plan your exhibition expansion strategy for Germany.

With the receipt of your respective input data requirements to the delivery of your ready exhibition stand,
we supply an all-inclusive, design and build services which also showcase the most recent trends and developments in the German exhibition market.
Considering your design brief you can expect essentially the foremost exciting design concepts adjusted to your marketing targets.

Design Solutions – Get Started

Are you ready to make an impact? We know you are not just looking for an simple showroom on the fair. You want success – to do something that makes a real impact in the business world. You want more potential, more visibility more attention from exhibition Day One, and you never settle for second best.That is what you will find here at Traxor Designs. So if you are looking for more than a presentation, explore our solutions. An exhibition presentation in Germany requires preparation and a good knowledge of German exhibition booth design and styles.
With a better understanding how to participate in exhibitions in Germany from Berlin, Hannover Cologne, Frankfurt to Munich.