Exhibition stand design and build

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Traxor an Exhibition Stand Design Company Across New Creative Concepts


A new era in development with its commitment to new ideas that visualize the way we design and assemble.
Providing solutions for our customers that easily transition from construction plans to real, finalized exhibition projects.
Having construction under focus at every step, guarantees our customers have the high quality, cost-effective designs they demand.

Explore Advanced Exhibition Design Services

We are renowned in the sector for cutting-edge stand design, at transforming designs and concepts into eye-catching exhibition demonstrations.

As a result of our mechanical and technical architectural expertise background. We design exceptional modern exhibition stands introducing exhibitors marketing objectives.

Our abilities includes CAD 3D modeling, material know-how refining, to ensure its effectiveness. Intricate exhibition stand needs are our speciality, they can comprise of any material whether plastic, metal, wood, special light effects, multimedia and artworks graphics.

Build Your Brand Reputation, With Innovative Design

New design & build support when your event approaches through powerful  exhibition stand designs where concepts are part of the overall business presentation. Innovative support to your brand, with advertisers who have the expertise as well as experience to provide designs that interacts with the target market.

The success of an exhibition stand concept is generated by design, customer interaction, audio visuals and overall finishing.

Exhibition stands with the capacity to help exhibitors to seek reliable and proven answers to increase revenue, keep costs down. Working with the newest technologies for exhibition booth building and the best quality materials and components.

The success of fresh exhibition stand concepts depends on the exhibition stand design company and on how they organize the entire event. The company should have the know-how to  create amazing stands that bring results.

Exhibition Design Services For Each and Every Industry

New trends in production with its dedication to new concepts that re-imagine the way we design and build.
We create solutions for our consumers that seamlessly conversion from construction plans to real, completed exhibition projects.

Taking construction quality into consideration at every step, makes certain our exhibitors have the superior quality, the cost-efficient production they expect.
With the capability to design and exhibition construct for each and every industry, product category and service range.

Simply due to the fact that you have actually opened your stand and your customers  begun to get in. Doesn't mean you're done customizing your exhibit stand interior. Having a decor budget might be a great concept if you desire to keep your stand up to date and constantly fresh looking.