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Great real estate portals know the best form of marketing is education. To make sure they provide resources to help potential customers and sellers.

We’re going to focus on the best property portals which make it easier to make your due diligence when researching properties and simplify the entire process of finding and managing tenants.

Some of these sites will help real estate investors at the same time who don’t allow much margin for mistake, specially if their mistakes have multiple zeroes on the end.

www.realtor.com provides a complete list of land – property listings , along with the information and tools to make informed real estate decisions. It’s available in our list of the best real estate websites because they provide a variety of valuable information.

For example, it provides a quick snapshot of local markets like the median sale price and average price per square foot in order to estimate what a house is worth on the market in good condition.

It can show you the properties that just hit the market and those that have sat for months, nearly making certain the sellers will take any reasonable offer. If you identify good prospects, the site can connect you with their real estate agent so you can arrange a tour. It also offers homeowners a bevy of useful tools and resources through the My Home? Dashboard. This panel allows homeowners to manage their home like the important investment it is, tracking their home value over time, researching and managing home improvements, and scouting other equal properties locally.

Zillow.com is among the biggest and best real estate websites for people buying and selling homes. It is more than a website for letting you browse property listings, though its large MLS database is reason enough to make it to this list. It is unusual for letting you search specifically for foreclosures and newly built homes. We list it here due to the massive, free data sets. For example, it will show you historical home values for an area and projected property values by neighborhood.

It lets you see the average rents, too. They attract visitors by giving free advice on determining how much you can afford in rent and tips about how to fill out a rental application.

Zillow has a large database of houses for sale or rent. This may let you find potential rental properties as well as learn the comparable rental rate for a neighborhood. In contrast, sites like Rentometer only let you estimate the rent for a given property. And Zillow enables you to find mortgage lenders, once you find a property you want to buy.

BroadbandNow.com when looking for a new home, cable and internet may be the last thing on your mind. You’re most likely focused on qualifying for a mortgage or finding a home close to work.

However, you should take into account the hurdles and extra costs that include getting cable, internet, and make contact with services. You want to make sure your preferred carrier covers the area you’re moving to.

Google Maps is not a property website, Google Maps can provide you with a great sense of homes and neighborhoods you’re looking to buy in. You can get a 3D street take a look at any home or block, as well as businesses and other nearby amenities.

Additionally, with Google Maps you can certainly figure out your commute time to work, school, restaurants, friends’ homes, and food markets to see how long it will usually take you on a specific day and time.

With these details, you can decide if the area is actually too far – you may not be willing to drive an hour to work and back every single day.

Realtyvan serves as a huge platform base for buyers, sellers, renters and owners. This online property portal has become popular one of the developers, dealers, sellers and buyers.

Find thousands of properties for sale including land properties Property. Putting real estate agents and homeowners together with investors and people who want to find a place to buy houses. Land and farms

Echolist collects its information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as other real estate property websites. The website is a good platform for finding and comparing homes in your area and allows you to look at how the property’s value has changed over time.

The online portal leading real estate advisory, Echolist is actually among the best real estate websites.

Echolist features you to multiple, top-performing agents from major brokers like Century 21, RE/MAX, so that you can compare your choices and choose the most effective fit.

Neighborhood Scout is an extremely data-driven site that suits buyers with their ideal neighborhoods. Using proprietary methodologies originating from a leading data scientist, they’ve identified a long list of over 600 neighborhood characteristics that are included with (but go way beyond) the greater basic metrics, like school district, crime rate, and demographics, you’ll see on sites like Zillow.

Yes, the majority of the big sites let you explore neighborhoods using statistics like this, but Neighborhood Scout’s angle is that you could “zoom in” much closer – to the block-to-block level of granularity – to search for the micro-hood that’s meets your needs.

They also use all this data to produce market forecasts they claim are 90% accurate over a three-year timespan. If you believe in the power of Big Data, this is for you.

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