Exhibition stand design and build

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Integrated Exhibition Booth Design and Services

  • Modern exhibition stand design, for every exhibition, industry and brunch.
  • Exhibition stand construction, and build up europe wide.
  • Cost effective custom solutions.
  • Stand interior decoration and furniture.
  • Multimedia supply.
  • Exhibition project management

    Discover Endless Booth Design Solutions
    Develop with Traxor advanced booth design concepts and all visual elements, skillful designers develop booth designs that interacts with the audience.
    Our sophisticated stand design solutions boost customer relationships, as they deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and impressions.
    We take time to understand exactly what our customers  need and require: We have a follow up record maintained of every customer we are handling, taking down precisely what are their requirements, and their long term goals. To help them to prepare build and manage their presentation campaigns.

    booth design



    booth design

    Exhibition Design Concepts & Creativity

    All begins with great methodology. Revitalize your trade show marketing approach.
    Beautiful and effective custom exhibition booth design, generates profits and is the result of a professional approach. Make the ultimate experience.
    Creating ground breaking exhibition booth present strategies to allow you offer your merchandise to the marketplace.
    Customized stand solutions provide leading concepts and unique styles.