Exhibition stand design and build

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Activteam exhibition services

Activteam provides a comprehensive exhibition, design and builds services that also showcase the latest trends and improvements.
Activteam offers a complete range of Exhibition stands for every industry and branch. Exhibition solutions exhibition stand design and construction, specializing in high visibility as well as impact booth construction. Brand marketing solutions and professional expertise for global exhibitions and events.

Exhibition Services

Providing first class exhibition services, creating fascinating exhibition stands . Tailor-made exhibits for both domestic and overseas exhibitors exhibiting in Europe.
We work with marketing professionals to completely understand their brand objectives. Our consultative style permits us to create effective exhibition experiences. Through exceptional stand design, top rated exhibition services, and smart audience engagement techniques.

Activteam – Creative Exhibition Solutions

Exhibition booth design and the environment is a major determinant how to engage with new solutions on the fairground. On the other hand, stand elements such as color, lighting, signage and visual booth design have an instant effect on the buying decision making process.  Designers with great ideas, concepts and the knowledge about the range of architectural styles, cooperate with experienced exhibition marketers to develop unique concepts.

The use of the latest CAD technology in the booth design, an advanced administration, and logistic system guarantee timely construction, delivery, and assembly of the exhibition booth at the fairground. Our in-house team of creative exhibition stand designers will inspire you with there projects and work alongside you to evolve a good idea through to final 3D presentation. With creativeness together with exhibition markenters to create a preliminary concept for every exhibition industry and brunch.

. Cost effective solutions.
. Innovation in construction technology, materials and finishing, realization capacity for sophisticated solutions.
. Wide spectrum of solutions for exhibitions.

Activteam Tailor-made  – Creative Solutions

Activteam exhibition services create tailor-made exhibition stand design for each industry, services, and products. Impressive custom designs from our talented designers, with a the experience, to draw in traffic, will enable you to find the correct design giving a greater focus on the exhibition presentation.