Exhibition stand design and build

Successful participation in exhibitions

Successful participation in exhibitions

Successful participation in exhibitions


All you do at exhibitions should support your main sales and marketing goal. So, if you don’t know why you’re exhibiting, there’s definitely not to succeed. Discover or decide if your trade show goals are most likely to boost brand awareness, generate sales leads or strengthen key relationships, or something else good advice, even if you are not a first-time trade show exhibitor.


A company needs objectives to set down its medium-term strategic aims as the basis for a concept underpinning its participation in trade fairs as part of the marketing mix and to derive the objectives to be pursued at trade fairs from the marketing goals.


General trade fair objectives.

Researching new markets (locating a market area of interest)
Creating successful partnerships
Raising sales volume
Interaction targets
Assessing the overall competitiveness
Assessing export chances
Participating in professional events
Spotting new tendencies
Tapping into new markets for product or services
Meeting competing firms
Examining the overall industry situation
Exchanging experiences


Observe how important knowing your goals are? Now you can create your booth to support your sales and marketing goals. Design big personalization structures and images for building awareness, lots of workstations for sales leads and meeting spaces for conditioning reseller, prospect and client interactions. Some exhibitors design booth places for all buying spaces in one large exhibit.


Expanding the list of personal contacts


Improving advertising effect on customers and the general public
Increasing the range of customers
Expanding press activities
Implementing a company design/branding measures
Meeting new groups of customers
Expanding brand awareness
Further training for research and purchasers by sharing and exchanging
Discussing individual customer desires and client requirements
Cultivating existing business relations


Consistent appearance on the market offering a convincing price-per Successful Participation in exhibitions.

Trade fair objectives:


Distribution objectives
Widening the distribution network
Monitoring the levels of trade
Seeking sales representatives


Product objectives:


Evaluating market reactions to products and services
Testing market tendencies to a newly launched product
Expanding the product or service range presenting product or service innovations
Customer-oriented exhibitor targets


The objectives pursued by trade visitors can provide exhibitors with guidelines for their strategic planning. These also influence specific considerations. You could generate these as visitor-oriented exhibitor objectives.


Some of the objectives pursued by trade visitors are:


Obtaining strategies for company products and product range
Meeting new business partners, intensify existing contacts
Spotting general trends
Exploring new products and the variety of applications
Comparing price ranges and conditions
Looking for certain products and solutions
Attending conferences and special shows
Placing orders, negotiating agreements
Making contact with related companies
Gaining a breakdown of related markets
Discovering the economic situation and business prospects
Learning about the technical functions and nature of certain products and solutions

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