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B2B Advertising – Exhibition and Conference Tips

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B2B Advertising – Exhibition and Conference Tips

B2B Advertising – Exhibition and Conference Tips

Exhibition presentations and in B2B selling has provided the greatest increase in use among all B2B marketing tactics through the last years so that shows the potential in exhibition approaches.

The fact is, over 90% of world brands are already working with exhibitions the present their services and merchandise, also usually to examine and announced new products.


B2B interactions and transactions are primarily established through immediate in person with clients and partnership building. With exhibitions, you can have interaction with prospective buyers and customers using an array of touch areas. The face to face, typically real-time nature of these events offers a highly personal aspect to the relationship.

And, unlike traditional B2C marketing channels (ads, campaigns, etc.), exhibitions engage more people in your organization to take part and build relationships with customers and prospects, thereby multiplying the direct contact effect.


In order to make a planned decision regarding exhibition participation, a company must look at its marketing mix in terms of its products, pricing, information and sales methods.
is considered the planning, balance and supervising of all of the company events that are centered on current and possible markets. The intent of these actions is to consistently gratify customers? Needs on the one hand and the company’s aims on the other.

To achieve these aims a company must employ a range of marketing instruments. These are the instruments a company uses to control its influence on the sales market.


A strong brand name is important to both the B2B and the B2C markets, for various reasons. With B2C, a strong brand can encourage the consumer to purchase, remain reliable and potentially pay a higher price. In B2B markets, the brand will only help you be considered, not necessarily selected.

Exhibitions b2b shows have
specific differentiating qualities that set them besides consumer or combined shows. The exhibitor is typically a manufacturer or provider of products or services distinct or contrasting to participants and industries. The typical customer is an industrial consumer, or distributor, within the industry hosting the exposition. Attendance is restricted to these buyers and is also often by invitation only.


The procurement of goods and services has fast become a landscape of remarkable contradictions. On the one hand, placing routine orders is getting easier all the time, in particular online, which is gaining in importance even in B2B. On the other, several products are growing ever more complex and therefore harder for buyers to examine, be it in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness or sustainability. Hence there is a need for procurement methods that can be relied on to function well.


Personalized contact between customer and supplier plays a central role and where better to form such contacts than at an exhibition where the product itself is also on the exhibition.


Exhibitors are looking for trade shows at which they can find the right visitors, i.e. potential buyers for today or future purchases.
A trade fair is an excellent opportunity to enter direct contact with the appropriate target groups. It can be more effective than the company field and service.
Therefore, the company should know who they would like to address within the fair. The design of the trade fair participation needs to be created according to the target groups. These could be defined according to the following aspects: Regional origin, branch and size of the client company, the area of client operations, regularity of client purchasing, and getting power.


Consumers make buying decisions based on status, safety, comfort and ease and high-quality. Business purchasers make buying decisions depending on growing profitability, reducing costs and boosting productivity

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