Modern recruitment techniques of Robert J. Gerberg


Although Robert J. Gerberg Jr. is educated at Colgate Univesity, and his career was always connected with American recruiting companies, he is an admirer of the European recruiting techniques. From this point of view, Robert J. Gerberg admits that a large number of his techniques are inspired from the European recruiting companies of this kind. Especially when it comes to internship, Robert J. Gerberg Jr. says that the European model is surely better.

When they are hired on internship jobs, usually the employees would expect for their capacity to be used at maximum. The internships are usually at their first workplace, and this is why they consider the education they have as a base to work efficiently. However, they will be disappointed since the first day, as Robert J. Gerberg says that 70 % of internships are used for dull and simple activities, such as answering the phone, protocol manners and maintenance. Robert J. Gerberg Jr. advises the employees that want to hire internships to explain the tasks to the potential employee. However, if it is possible to be objective about those tasks, and to explain to the internships about the importance of those tasks. Answering to the phone might seem like a simple task, but sometimes this is an art, and the art of talking with clients and business partners is a quality that will be useful for you for the rest of your career.

As time passes, there is another problem appearing with those employees. Usually, even if they are used for simple tasks, they expect to be promoted on jobs with a greater responsibility. Therefore, Robert J. Gerberg advices the companies to use internships only if they want to hire the respective people later. Otherwise, it is better to hire a secretary permanently instead of hiring 3 internships that will be disposed once every two months.

Unfortunately, the principle of internship was greatly affected in the latest period, with all those employers hiring internships just to be fired three months later. This behavior affects the industry as a whole, as the respective employee will have a bad moral for the months to come. Robert Gerberg says it is important for this field to be regulated, and the government should try to impose some laws to protect potential employees for being exploited. Otherwise, the students might start refusing internship opportunities, and this is another problem for the respective industries.



Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Show to Exhibit At


Hello Class. Good to be back with yet another TradeShow educator lesson. Today, we’ll be conversing about “doing your homework” throughout your display selection process. When I state “homework”, I am conversing about the due-diligence process before you conclude on a display, not the assignment I’ll be giving you at the end of this article! Finding the right display is a little bit like going out with. You understand there is a flawless match out there, but that match is often a little tedious to find. There are abounding apparently attractive ones to select from and usually you can tell attractive quickly if you like one or not. But one time you do like one, you need to discover more before you can get grave and start composing to your parents — ah, I intended your overseer, about it. In all seriousness, there are a twosome of significant minutia to check out and verify before you commit to any specific show.

1.) Getting begun

If you are new to my pillar or were naughty and didn’t pay vigilance in preceding courses, let me recall you of the prerequisites before you can even start assessing a show for its suitability:

- understand what your goal (or goals) is. generally that is getting new sales directs, but sometimes a display can be about sustaining enterprise connections, creating industry exhibitor exposure, public relatives or even, like one purchaser I once had, about antagonising your competitor.
- What are the verticals you are trying to come to?
- What kind of happening are you looking for? (regional, nationwide, worldwide happening)
- Who are your key prospects in each industry? (CFO, VP, Purchasing controller, Managers, etc.)

2.) display Prospectus

Make sure to get a display prospectus for every display you are contemplating. The value and accuracy of data rather varies, but in most cases they comprise details and numbers about attendee profiles, names, buying functions, allowances, sales volume and geographic position.

A show prospectus may furthermore include booth package data and a listing of trading opportunities. Most of the time, you can effortlessly download this information directly from the display website. generally there is a connection to an exhibitor information area of the website designated as “exhibitors”, “exhibiting”, or certain thing similar. habitually keep in brain, the display prospectus is a sales and trading tool of the display manufacturer, so anticipate to find only the affirmative facts and figures points in there.

Is it really time to change your job? Advices by Robert J. Gerberg


One of the major problems in the recruitment field today is the tendency of some employees to change their jobs too often. According to Robert J. Gerberg Jr., the manager of an important software provider for e-recruitment fields, 70 % of the employees that want to quit their jobs don’t really have reasons to do so. Sure, for every job, you might have some fights with your colleagues, or you might have the feeling that your boss doesn’t appreciate you as you deserve. However, instead of leaving for another company where those problems might be the same, you would better ask Robert J. Gerberg for assistance, as this HR specialist will not only determine if it is time to quit your job, but if it is really that time, he will also detect the best available job for you.

Robert J. Gerberg Jr. advises any employer to evaluate his current job objectively, and to determine if it is really time to leave. There might be some exterior reasons for your company not to be able to raise your salary, such as the financial recession. In this case, you can be sure that the rival companies have the same problems, so leaving for another company with the same profile might not be such a great idea.

Robert J. Gerberg considers that it is better to change your job by yourself, instead of being restructured by your company. In case you are restructured, the companies you would like to work for would offer smaller salaries, and you might be obliged to accept those offers. However, Robert J. Gerberg Jr. proposes new services for the companies, services that might allow the companies to make the employees feel safer.

This new service developed by Robert J. Gerberg is called replacement. Whenever a company needs to fire some employees, the HR consultant will struggle to find new jobs for the respective employees. The employer would have to state this service in the contract signed by the employee. Knowing that he has this option at his disposal, the employee will not be worried about losing his job, and for this reason, the efficiency of work is significantly increased, and the company that have this service activated feel the benefits of it.

Another important reason for people quitting their jobs is the personal matters, and in this case, the company has practically nothing to do.